Welcome to Lido's Tiered Rewards-Share Program!

As part of our continuous efforts to foster stETH growth and incentivize participation, we've introduced a novel Rewards-Share Program. This system is built to reward our dedicated contributors with a share of the DAO's staking rewards.

Prospective participants can include a wide variety of entities, from individual wallets to larger institutions like protocols, crypto services, neobanks, and custody services.

To be eligible for the program, participants must demonstrate a potential to drive at least 2,500 ETH to Lido over a 12-24 month period. Furthermore, they must be willing to promote Lido alongside alternative liquid staking tokens.

Once onboarded, participants become eligible for tier-based rewards that are determined by the total cumulative ETH staked. Here's a quick look at the reward tiers:

  • 30%

    for 0 — 50,000 ETH

    *revenue share

  • 35%

    for 50,000 — 150,000 ETH

  • 40%

    for 150,000 — 350,000 ETH

  • 45%

    for 350,000 — 700,000 ETH

  • 50%

    for 700,000 or higher

To track the stETH staked through the Lido protocol, we provide each participant with a unique referral code. However, specific activities such as unstaking and selling stETH can lead to disqualification from the rewards-share.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the Tiered Rewards-Share Program, visit the Lido Governance Proposal. Make sure to review Lido's Terms of Use before joining the program.

Applying to the Program

To submit your application please contact the Rewards-Share Committee at our dedicated Discord channel.

  • Platform name

  • Background information

  • How you intend to use the Lido Rewards-Share Program*

    • *-Do you have influence over staking directly?
    • — If not, what will be done to solicit stake?
    • — Are you technically ready to stake today?
  • Ethereum address and if it is an externally owned account (EOA) or smart contract

  • Acknowledge and accept Lido's Terms of Use

The committee will review your application within 30 days from the date of application.

Remember, the identity of participants won't be public, but participants' addresses and rewards-share amounts will be publicly disclosed. Once accepted, you'll be eligible to earn rewards from the day you are accepted.

Integration Guide

There are two levels of integration — Website level and Protocol level.

Website level integration

Post your referral link: You can post this link anywhere — your website, emails, social networks, etc. Your referral link will look something like this(your address will replace "0x00...") in the referral link


It leads to the Lido Staking app with your address as the ref search parameter. Whenever someone stakes ETH with your link, your address will be passed as the referral address into the Lido contract.

Protocol level integration

To add referral address to the user's transaction, pass it to the submit method of the Lido contract

Adding a Lido banner to your website

To add referral address to the user's transaction, pass it to the submit method of the Lido contract

  • Add an <a> tag

  • Specify your link as the value of the href attribute

  • [optional] add target="_blank" and rel="noopener noreferrer" attributes to safely open the link in a new tab

  • Pick any banner you like from banners, copy the raw SVG code

  • Paste it inside your <a> tag

  • That's it!

See banner examples here

Embedding the Lido Staking App

To add referral address to the user's transaction, pass it to the submit method of the Lido contract

  • Add an <iframe> tag

  • Specify title attribute, e.g. title="Lido Staking App"

  • Specify your link as the value of the <src> attribute

  • [optional] add width="360" and height="500" attributes to make the embedded app bigger

  • You're all done!

See banner examples here